Capacity Across Cultures

Global lessons From Pacific Experiences

By Deborah Rhodes

Inspired by the stories of Pacific Islanders, Capacity across Cultures draws on the author’s wealth of experience in aid and development. The book offers new conceptual tools and a framework that is strengths-based, practical, theoretically sound and illustrated with case studies. It is designed to support the kinds of culturally aware, capacity-focussed… read more

Practitioners’ Handbook for Capacity Development

A Cross Cultural Approach

By Deborah Rhodes & Ernest Antoine

Practitioners’ Handbook for Capacity Development: A Cross-Cultural Approach explores an innovative approach to capacity development (CD) in the context of international aid. The book re-defines capacity development as a cross cultural interaction. It provides frameworks and approaches for those involved in CD processes internationally. Practitioners and their partners are… read more

Inclusive Leadership

A Challenge to the Leaders of Malaysia

By Ernest Antoine

This article, Authored by Ernest Antoine, appeared in Star 9, Sept 2019

Download this free copy here