A trusted leadership partner

As your trusted partner we will be on the journey with you.  We will listen to your successes, share dreams and carefully co-create a plan with you and your teams. We will work with you to help make your work shine in a culturally diverse landscape.

Our leadership development programs

Our programs are designed to enable leaders to forge meaningful connections with a culturally diverse workforce.  Programs are thoughtfully designed to suit contexts in which you work.  Participants will be encouraged to engage in deep level exploration of values as well as develop specific behaviours for leading people from different cultural backgrounds.

  1. Leading through values (Global Leadership)
  2. Leading for Impact
  3. Communicating for impact
  4. Capacity Development across Cultures

Our leadership coaching

Coaching is a process by which leaders learn new behaviours to strengthen their leadership practice.  This is more than just learning about new ways of acting which may appear awkward and “superficial”: it involves reflection that will uncover underlying psychological potential, leading to enduring change.