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Capacity Across Cultures: Global lessons From Pacific Experiences

By Deborah Rhodes

Inspired by the stories of Pacific Islanders, Capacity across Cultures draws on the author’s wealth of experience in aid and development. The book offers new conceptual tools and a framework that is strengths-based, practical, theoretically sound and illustrated with case studies. It is designed to support the kinds of culturally aware, capacity-focussed work envisaged by the Practitioners’ Handbook for Capacity Development: A Cross Cultural Approach (Rhodes and Antoine 2013).

“I learned so much from the book! The cultural insights brought to development in general, and to capacity more specifically are useful, enlightening and sometimes surprising. I like to think that I am culturally sensitive but I realised in reading the book how far I have to go. The compelling advice will guide me in taking a more culturally aware approach to my work.”

Heather Baser, Capacity Development Expert, Canada.

Citation: Rhodes, D. 2014,  Capacity Across Cultures: Global Lessons from Pacific Experiences, Inkshed.

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